Carvery - An English tradition

Carvery is an English kitchen tradition that you rarely meet in Denmark, which is a shame - because it is truly an abundance of great flavours! The way carvery differs from the traditional buffet is that the meat is cut directly to order. This way, you ensure you always get a delicious piece of meat on every plate.

In our Carvery buffet, you will find three cuts of meat, which are carefully selected every week, as well as traditional side dishes and sauces created by our kitchen family. 

Gather your friends or family and experience the taste of English tradition - you can have as many slices as you like.

Our carvery buffet is served every Friday and Saturday from 17:00 - 21:00

With Mitchell's Carvery Buffet you get...

A selection of 3 types of meat

The meat is cut by the restaurant's chefs.

The selection of meat varies but can be e.g.

New Zealand lamb, Beef Wellington, or porchetta.

Side dishes include

Mashed potatoes

Shepherds Pie

Meat & Ale Pie


Scotch Eggs

Yorkshire pudding


A selection of sauces

Jams and compotes

and so much more...

Pr person 269,-

Kids (3-12 år) 129,-

Additional purchases

Free ice cream bar: 30 kr. pr. person

English specialty beers and cocktails: Check the prices at Mitchell’s.


The guests have welcomed Mitchell's with open arms ever since we opened our doors. The restaurant is so well-liked that we now have 4,9 out of 5,0 on Facebook.

A happy customer writes:

“Really great service! Delicious food, everything is spot on”, while another writes “Superb food. Better service”.

Bon appetite!

See our Carvery buffet