From a love story to a dream restaurant

Caren was a regular at Eydes - and spotted a very service-minded waiter who also turned out to be quite charming. The dinner grew cold over time as she stared at him more and more with each visit.

Daniel noticed the young lady with her daughter in the corner of the restaurant and quietly turned the polite conversation into a coffee date. It's safe to say that they had a good eye for each other from the start.

They soon found out that they were each other's other half and that they complimented each other in every way possible, both in business and in love. Together they dreamt of the possibilities of Mitchell's during the first lockdown and could open the doors for the very first time on the 5th of April 2022.

Dan Mitchell

Director & Head waiter

Daniel was born and raised in a smaller city in the middle of England called Derby. Where he worked at the local pub, together with his mother.

Dan has been a work advisor in the disability area, but the restaurant industry has always called to him.

10 years ago, Dan packed his suitcase and went to Gran Canaria and in 2014 to Denmark. Here he started working at Eydes.

Dan loves being around and talking to other people, this makes work a breeze for him, as he is always among friends.

Caren Christiansen

Co-founder & Head chef

Caren grew up in a hard-working family with two self-employed parents who own both a hotel and a construction company in Greenland. In that sense, she has always been part of the business world since before she could stand.

Caren has had a restaurant in Greenland, but her drive soon led her to Denmark with her little daughter, Isadora.

Caren works hard to be able to leave behind a legacy that later generations can look up to.

A building with a story

The building here on Kongensgade 34 has had many occupants over the years. It started as a bank that attracted many customers from near and far. Later on, the bank was converted into a bookshop and Bog & Idé had their business here until 2021.

In 2021, it was rebuilt by Caren's family into the restaurant we know today.